"I appreciate your professionalism and promptness in carrying out this research and may contact you again if I have other projects." ~ Grace White

Client Testimonials

"I was stuck tracing the ancestry of my wife’s family.  My wife’s family had both Scottish and Irish history but the records from the early 1800’s that I could find online were not clear on the birth and death of William Strachan. It seemed that he died in Glasgow in the mid 1800's but there was no primary source for that information and the birth information did not really exist at all. 

I was fortunate that Moira and her husband had already planned a trip to Scotland.  Moira found the death certificate online and she interrupted her own vacation and the search for her own ancestors to spend time in the Glasgow archives where she found a poorhouse application for William Strachan. She found solid evidence of the time and place of his death and the poorhouse application identified his place of birth in Northern Ireland. I would never have been able to do that research by myself – even if I had traveled to Scotland.  Her knowledge of where to look and what to look for was the key factor in her finding the documents and in establishing the next step to be taken tracing roots in Northern Ireland.  

"I highly recommend Moira to anyone interested in tracing their roots and especially to people who have reached a dead end with the online research tools."
 ~ Don Harbert

"What an amazing journey I have been privileged to have by hiring Moira Miller as my genealogist!  I wanted to determine the family origins by looking back in history at my maternal and paternal grandparents.  The journey took me to England, Australia, the Island of Malta, Scotland and the North Shore of New England.  Through all of Moira's efforts she documented the family's movements from Ireland. 

Moira found the building and apartment in Malta where my grandmother was born in 1890 and where my great grandmother died in the same year.  My family and I were thrilled to walk through that building that is much the same today.  Moira found missing relatives in Australia and discovered some pictures for us.  There were relatives in the United States that Moira identified and located for my family.  Most recently through details that Moira provided, I was able to find a missing branch of the family in Scotland.  I have made contact with them and am learning about and catching up on their lives.

Throughout this whole process Moira has almost become a member of the family; always cheering on new discoveries and dedicated to uncovering lost connections.  She even found a death certificate with necessary information for genetics testing needed for our family.  Her work has been truly a wonderful gift to me and my family that will be passed on to future generations.  Moira's ability to find and document family histories is truly inspiring!" ~ April B. Healey